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Edgemont's Outreach Ministry During the Pandemic

I hope you all feel lighter and have a great expectation that we will be able to move around more freely and try to regain some normalcy in our lives. Spring has been good for my soul.

We all have much to be thankful for even though our lives have been forever changed.

In spite of some challenging times for our families and the church, we were able to continue much of our outreach ministry. I want to share with you those opportunities.

Early Arts started back in late August and has been successful in providing a safe environment for the teachers and children. It hasn’t been easy but the Early Arts staff has worked tirelessly to provide a healthy, sanitized space for the children and teachers to return to the classroom. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Our backpack ministry picked right back up where it left off when students returned to their campuses. We are now providing 16 backpacks weekly to Weeden Elementary School.

Also as school resumed, our Little Red School House program helped provide Weeden with masks, reusable water bottles, and bottles of water.

While Room In the Inn wasn’t able to provide services every night November-March, they did provide housing on the nights it was freezing and below. Edgemont was one of three campuses that rotated to provide a warm, safe shelter for our homeless community. Edgemont hosted 14 nights, Dec-Feb. Our homeless friends were very complimentary about the space and showers they were offered. RITI provided volunteers, cots, bedding, and food for most of the nights they stayed on our campus.

The Mobile Food ministry never missed an opportunity to plan, prepare and deliver food to families, homeless friends, and agencies that house women, children, and families during this time. Burt and his team implemented and carried out each week a very consistent routine to ensure everyone’s safety.

The prayer breakfast has resumed its in-person Friday morning meetings. Even when they weren’t meeting in person, they continued to send notes and cards to the prayer list and then added our whole congregation. I loved getting a note from them. It was a way for us to stay connected.

We thought it was important to share with you, the Church, how we carried on ministry in this difficult time.

Your prayers and financial contributions were and continue to be necessary to help these ministries be successful. For these, we are most grateful.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Jennie Corley

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