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1 John Bible Study Playlist

From Pastor Henry:

1 John, has always felt like Christianity 101 to me. Whenever I feel the need to get back to simplicity, I will find myself here.


Enjoy this bible study series here on YouTube!

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Advent Vlog Playlist

In this series, Pastor Henry will be discussing some of our favorite elements of Advent such as the Advent Wreath, the Chrismon Ornaments, and more. We hope you will join us for this new series!

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Sermon Extra playlist! 

In this series, Pastor Henry will share an interesting fact or story or word study that is related to our main text of the sermon, but did not make it into the sermon or was only briefly touched on. These will be available through our Edgemont Youtube page at various times during the week.

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Edgemont AMA playlist! 

In this series, Pastor Henry takes a question that someone has sent in and gives his response.

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