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Advent 2022

Another year has passed on the Christian Calendar, and we begin with Advent, the season when we prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth. During this time when our lives are filled with the busy preparations for Christmas, and all that season entails, let’s pause to reflect. Are we living lives that are also prepared for Christ’s return as we look to his birth?

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The General Rules 

The General Rules of Methodism….wait rules? When did we learn about rules? These are less “rules per se” and more of what can be a guiding, “Rule of Life for us”. As Methodism was taking shape, John Wesley provided these rules to the societies as a way for members to evidence their salvation. Today, we are taking a look at, “doing no harm”.

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The Politics of Jesus 

In this series, Pastor Henry discusses politics. One of those things we are supposed to stay away from. Especially at church. When politics come up, we should run the other way, right? There is a problem with this: when we do not talk about politics in church, then how can we know how to talk about politics in the world? Who shapes how we talk about it? This series looks at how Jesus and the Bible engage with politics.

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In this series, Pastor Henry takes a question that someone has sent in and gives his response.

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