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Connecting Points 12-28-23

We had a beautiful season of Advent that culminated in our family-friendly

Christmas Eve celebration of Jesus’ birth. I loved the singing, children’s

moment, youth participation, and our communion followed by candle lighting to

“Silent Night.” We also received almost 500 dollars for our White Christmas

offering that Embrace Alabama Kids will be sent for their ministry.

This Sunday (New Year’s Eve) we will gather in the F.L.C. at 9 a.m. for breakfast

and our covenant worship experience. We are planning to eat around 9:15 and

then worship. You will be asked to share your hopes and dreams for our Edgemont Church during 2024. I will be sharing about S.O.A.P. and inviting you to claim one word for yourself and one for our church for 2024. We will also sing a few songs together and Dr. Yeates will lead us in the Wesley Covenant Prayer that is found in our United Methodist Hymnal. Please don’t forget that this will be your last opportunity to give an offering that will be counted toward your 2023 giving for tax purposes.

I want to thank each of you for how you participated in our Advent worship

services. I know you are also thankful for those who led us in worship and

helped us sing and pray together. Thank you to Dr. Yeates for how he shares his

gift of humor and leading us in prayer. Erin and Tim are very faithful in their

preparation and leadership for our worship gatherings. We also are thankful for

those who offered their gifts of instrumentation. I am also very thankful for Ted

and Kevin handling our sound and media ministry and juggling lots of details

and changes. All of us celebrate Eleanor and can only imagine what her first

Christmas in heaven was like but know she was singing with the “Heavenly


Thank you Edgemont Church for how generous you are toward others and the

ministry you do such as Home Free Haven. Bert and his team helped feed and

house a number of people during this holy season. Finally, thank you for your

hospitality and generosity toward me. I really appreciate the love gift/offering. It

was a very pleasant surprise and received with much gratitude.

Happy & Holy New Year,

Pastor Dean

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