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Ask Dean Anything... Well Almost.

In addition to his love of Mexican food and Chevy the yorkie, what have we found out about Dean and his ministry?

How did you know that this was a lifelong calling for you?

One of the questions I remember being asked when I was seeking to  become an ordained United Methodist Pastor was “What is your call  story?” While I didn’t have a burning bush story like Moses or a  Damascus Road experience like Paul, I did have a call to ministry story. I  didn’t tell those asking about hearing an audible voice speak from the  heavens, but rather, a voice of a church member who confirmed what I  thought God wanted me to do with my one and only life.

One Sunday  night while praying at the altar, I asked God to confirm my call to pastoral  ministry through another person who would help me not only discern but  to say yes. That night I returned to my pew and took my seat and then  someone sat down beside me with a big smile on his face as he said,  “You’ve been called to preach!”
That night I learned we should be careful  what we ask God for, since the answer may come much faster than  desired or expected.

My call to pastoral ministry was also confirmed by  others once I stepped out in faith and began to serve in different ways.

What drives you to continue serving as a pastor?

What my life of ministry has taught me is the question posed by other  pastors years ago was the right one. It has been my call that has  empowered and sustained me throughout my ministry and it’s what  continues to drive what I do in God’s Church.

My hope is that by  answering God’s call, I have helped others know God, and to hear their  own call to ministry.  For Jesus continues to call each us with two simple  but life changing words: “Follow Me.” 
And Paul tells us “… all the  promises of God are yes in Christ and amen by us for the glory of God.”  May our lives answer God’s call to ministry with “Amen” (so be it)
…for the  glory of God.

What vision do you see for your ministry with Edgemont UMC?

My vision for our spiritual journey together is to be real, relevant, and relational.  To be real is to be truthful.  To be relevant is to be helpful.  To be relational is to be connected.  That vision illustrates the perfection we seek but also allows for the imperfections we experience.  
I actually wrote more about that in this

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Please be patient as this page continues to be updated with the most current information regarding our staff.

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