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Connecting Points 12-21-23

There are two times when unchurched people consider attending worship.

I suspect you know both of the days they are more likely to show up. The

first one is Easter Sunday and the other one is Christmas Eve. That means

Edgemont is more likely to have guests this Sunday than most other days

of the Christian year. You’re encouraged to invite people in your circle or

neighborhood since they may be entertaining the thought of attending

worship somewhere this Sunday.

We will worship at 10:30 and combine elements of Advent and Christmas.

In doing so, we’ll hear the true meaning of Christmas from the Peanuts

character Linus. Then we will remember that just as “Good News” and

“Great Joy” go together, and so does Love and Christmas. The message will

focus on how God can’t not love and Christmas is an expression of God’s

act of love for you and me in Christ.

You can plan to join us at 5:30 on Sunday night for our pre-service music

and then our worship starts at 6 p.m. We will sing carols, share Luke’s

Christmas Story with the Children, watch a clip from “A Christmas Story,”

talk about “Lists,” give our White Christmas offerings for Embrace

Alabama Kids, share Holy Communion and light our candles from the light

of Christ as we sing Silent Night. It sounds like a lot but we will be done

by 7 p.m. so you can enjoy the evening with your family.

I hope to see you Sunday morning and evening along with guests who you

invite and bring with you to celebrate Christmas at Edgemont.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Dean

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