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Connecting Points: 11/9/23

Healthy Things Grow

One of the best statements I’ve heard about church growth is that healthy things grow. So if a church is growing it’s a sign that it’s healthy. Churches, like people, must do certain things to be and remain healthy. I’ve learned that the plants I buy will only thrive for about a week or two without intentional care. I have to make sure they get sun but not too much, get water but not too much, and get protected but not too much protection....I’ve learned the hard way that no matter how beautiful the plants are when I bring them home, they will get sick and die without proper time and care from me.

The Roots of a Church...

Edgemont church is the same as a plant. It requires proper care for it to remain healthy and attractive. A part of that care is to water and provide plant food or fertilizer but also pruning of dying or dead parts. And then sometimes you have to remove some parts so that other parts get more of the good stuff so the plant will thrive. If the plant is healthy it will not only look beautiful but will reproduce. If it only looks good but isn’t good then eventually its leaves will dry up and die. What you discover is the roots matter more than the pretty leaves. The roots of a church matter as much or more than what people see.

Our Leaves

So how healthy is Edgemont UMC? What do our leaves look like? Are they showing signs of root health and wellbeing or of malnutrition, diseases and impending death? Are we growing by reproducing or experiencing empty nest syndrome? Are people getting involved or just revolving; coming and going?

Do What You Can

The church is the place where people encounter Jesus, discover purpose, grow spiritually and engage others. It grows down, up and outward. The key here is… it grows. Healthy things grow. Unhealthy things die. Let’s do what we can with God’s help to be healthy so we bear fruit by leading people to become committed and healthy Christ followers.

Healthy things grow,

Pastor Dean

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