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Connecting Points

This Sunday I will preach about Growing Spiritually. I wonder how you think you’re doing spiritually. Are you regressing, standing still or growing? How do you evaluate yourself and others spiritually? I’m asking you the same questions I’ve been asking myself. We might even ask, “How is it with your soul?”

Our answers depend on lots of things including God. Sunday I will use a quote by St. Augustine who believes it’s a combination of God and us; or is it God in us? One of the ways we can answer the question about growing spiritually is with the fruit of the Spirit. Do we have the gift of love expressed in various ways? Are we going on to perfection... in love? But how does one grow forward in love? We do so in many ways but all of them are about being connected to God…..So growing spiritually requires us to increase our intimacy with God, but one writer wrote, how can you love God, whom you have not seen and not love your brother or sister whom you have seen?

It seems that growing spirituality means participating in and with the community of faith. The Bible talks about this as “One Another-ing. So how are you doing with your One Another’s? Growing spiritually means working together with God. What else’s does it mean or require? Come Sunday and find out. Pastor Dean

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