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Connecting Points: We Are the Church.... Together!

One of the hymns we sing reminds us that “we are the church together.” It also
sings that the church isn’t the building but rather, it’s the people. Many
churches have owned this reality by swapping a photo of their church building(s)
for one of the congregation in media presentations. The lyrics of the hymn
aren't the church is not the preacher, or the District Superintendent or the
Bishop; because it is. But we know the church is much more than those who
carry those titles and and perform those roles. We also know that the call of
clergy is to “equip the saints (or laity) for the work of the ministry.”

I am thankful for your ministry in the body of Christ at Edgemont. I also celebrate Bishop, Debra Wallace Padgett and our District Superintendent, Vicki Cater. Rev. Cater will be worshiping with us and preaching for us this Sunday. After worship, we will gather for a meal and then have our Charge Conference. A big part of that meeting is owning that “we are the church together.” As you know, our Bishop and District Superintendent have a job to do but it’s not your job. Only you can do your job and answer your call to ministry in God’s church. I’m sure you’ve seen a church marquee with church spelled "ch ch". You’re asked what’s missing, and of course the answer is "u-r". I’m glad that God didn’t make the church consist of Bishops, District Superintendents and pastors only. Aren’t you? The writers, Richard K. Avery and Donald S Marsh got it right when they wrote: “We’re many kinds of people, with many kinds of faces, all colors and all ages too, from all times and places.” That includes... You!

I look forward to celebrating Edgemont United Methodist Church this Sunday and remembering with you that “We Are the Church...Together!”

Pastor Dean
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