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"Yes and"

Church Family,

Early this year, our own David Prejeant gave a Ted Talk at the Tedx event in Wilson Park. For those who are not aware, Ted Talks is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to the spreading of ideas through short talks (usually 18 minutes or less). In David’s talk, he shared about his experience in improv comedy, particularly around the concept of “yes and”. I encourage you to watch the video at the link below.

I love this idea. I believe this can speak to us Christians as we seek to do God’s kingdom work in our world. Have you ever had an idea for a new ministry, a new project, a new group? How did that go when you brought that to someone? Was this received with excitement and possibility or were there so many questions and flaws pointed out that you felt deflated before even getting off the ground? I can imagine a scenario where instead of that, we begin responding with “yes and” and begin a conversation and partnership that begins to support our collective creativity.

Edgemont, I hope you will take the time to watch David’s talk. Watch and then think about this question: What can “yes and” help us to do at Edgemont. As you meditate on this, I’d love to hear from you.

Pastor Henry

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