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  • Eleanor McClellan

Survey? Another Survey!?

That is exactly how I felt! It seemed my life had become one BIG


Some people LOVE the idea of surveys, I found them ‘tedious’ at best.

…and then, something changed. I began to meditate on the importance

of what I was being asked to do. I realized that I couldn’t complain

about things that were happening since I never bothered to ‘weigh-in’. I

could celebrate changes and accomplishments with others, but since I

hated the process so much, I really had nothing to do with the change. I

also realized that my voice was important! The point of the survey

became even more important and attitude altering when I honestly sat,

prayed, and meditated on what was being asked. 15 minutes of

Prayerful Meditation and truthful, soul-searched responses changed my

whole attitude concerning surveys. I was used to checking off boxes

hurriedly and offering no more, AND with a BAD attitude. Mind you,

these surveys usually pertained to my job and place of employment, or

a conference that I had just attended. All important to my life and well-


I fall in Love with Jesus more and more every day, and I am always

thankful for Edgemont and its people! I WANT to walk with you as we

seek God’s Love, His Light and Work in His Vineyard. During this season

of Lent, we are being asked to ‘go deeper’. To mindfully sit in prayer

and meditation, and then be willing to share our thoughts, joys and

concerns. Our first survey is centered around the Vibe that is apparent

in our lives and in Edgemont Church. Please review Henry’s “Vibe”

sermons and spend time in the Scriptures that he has brought forth.

“Go Deeper”, fill out the survey, send it in, and help Edgemont to

continue to Flourish in sharing God’s Love and Light.

Sending you JOY for the Journey!


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