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  • Henry Prater


Stress; now there is a word that none of us like to hear, yet all of us have to deal with in our lives. Most of us are very familiar with this feeling, the worry that comes because of a difficult situation. That feeling can then lead to a verb: we are stressed. On the one hand, stress is a standard, normal part of our lives. It can help us finish a task or raise our awareness in a given situation. On the other hand, too much stress can become a problem. We live in a world that seems to produce chronic stress. Far too many of us often feel “stressed out” all the time. This is something that can begin to take a toll on our physical and mental health. What are we to do? We have to learn to cope and deal with stress. Stress is a natural part of life, but it has to be managed and dealt with properly. Over the next three weeks, we are going to take a look at three people from the Bible who each show us a way to deal with stress. Jesus would take a break and find solitude. David would cry out to God in prayer and song. Moses finally realized that he could not do things on his own and needed to seek help. Each of these show us an effective strategy to moderate the stress we feel in our lives. What’s even cooler, is that you find these as some of the ways recommended by the NAMI to help manage the stress of daily life, ( I hope you will join us as we learn the ways we can healthily deal with the stress in our lives. This would also be a great series to share with a friend. Grace and Peace, Pastor Henry

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