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  • Henry Prater

Hearing From You

Good afternoon Edgemont!

Happy Monday! I hope that your week has started off well. I want to ask all of you a question and then follow up that question with a request. First, I (and so many of us) want to hear how each of us is doing. How has 2021 been treating you so far? Part of what makes the church, the church is the people we get to be in community with when we worship the Lord and serve others. We get to be with one another, to check on one another, and invest in each other’s lives. As we continue in this time of pandemic, we have not been able to do that near as much as we would like or nearly as broadly. I would like to do something about that, but I need your help. As you answer the question How are you doing? would you consider writing that down and sending it to the church? You could even include a recent picture if you would like to. These can be sent to me or to the church office. As we get these stories in, I would like to publish them in our weekly church emails to share with our fellow Edgemontians, maybe a couple each email. We will keep this as just an email update. Some of us have started back in-person, in-building worship, but not all of us have yet. However, all of us want to hear about how each other are doing. This can be a small step in keeping us connected during this time. Some examples to consider sharing: How have you seen God in your life? What big event has happened that you would like to share? What puts a smile on your face each day? I hope you will join us in giving a quick update on how you are doing. Pastor Henry

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