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Edgemont's Visioning Document

Friends, thank you so much for participating in our surveys over the last couple of months. Your input has been incredibly valuable as we are working on catching God’s vision for our church and the missions that will help us live this out. After spending time with all of our data, I have composed a rough draft of a visioning document, seen below, which I handed out at our visioning meeting on May 17th. Please take some time to read and pray over this. What is missing? What might we add, reword, or refocus? There will be a followup meeting announced shortly to discuss this. Thank you again for the way you show up Edgemont!

Pastor Henry

Edgemont UMC

Who We Are:

-We are a church that is captivated by God’s love and seeks to be conduits of that love out into the community.

-We are a church of people who understand we are in need of God’s grace and are striving to grow into the image of Christ through spiritual growth, service, and fellowship.

-We are a church who desires that everyone should know all people are made in the image of God and desperately in need of a place to safely experience community.

Edgemont UMC’s Core Values

Love: We believe that all people are loved by God, period, no qualifiers or exceptions.

Community: We believe that the church is not just a building, but the people who gather to grow together in Christ. Loving God requires loving people and community is the vehicle that helps us to do that. We believe offering our authentic selves in small groups and other events is the key to building a more loving community.

Service: We believe that Love must be shown through our actions. We believe in serving one another in the church but also serving those outside of our community of faith, particularly those who can be overlooked in our world. We are particularly passionate about people in our community not going hungry.

Faith: We exist, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to spur one another on in life and develop with one another in parallel journeys of Spiritual Formation. It is through practices of Spiritual Formation such as worship, bible study, prayer, service, that we live into our calling as disciples and invite others into the journey with us.

Edgemont UMC’s Vision Statement:

Edgemont UMC is a church moved by the Holy Spirit to feed people in spirit, soul, and body.

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