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  • Henry Prater

As We Are Starting Back

Edgemont Family,

We are gearing up for in-person, in-building worship at Edgemont this Sunday, October 4th, 10:00am. I am excited, as I know many of you are too. With this in mind, there are a few things that we are asking of everyone who is planning to attend.

  • Please enter into the sanctuary through the entrance on the side closest to the Education building. We will exit through the door on the other side of the narthex. This will help to maintain social distance.

  • We are asking everyone to wear a mask upon entering the building. We believe that this is best as we seek to take care of one another during this pandemic.

  • There will be social distancing in the pews. There will be one family per pew and then a pew will be skipped before the next family.

  • Our Scripture readings will be displayed on the screen, but if you prefer, bring your Bible. The Bibles and Hymnals will be removed from the pews.

  • Our ushers will dismiss us by rows as the service ends to help us leave in an orderly fashion.

  • One recommendation: bring a journal or notebook to write down any thoughts that come through our Lectio Divina readings.

  • If you are planning to attend Sunday, please reply to this email. This will help us ensure we will be able to maintain proper social distancing.

This is going to be a very different Sunday morning service for us. This service will not look like what we had when we suspended in-person, in-building worship back in March. Yet just being different will not make it any less worship. Psalm 119 (longest chapter in the Bible) has much to say about how meditating on God’s law (statutes, decrees, word) is a powerful way to worship the Lord. One example is verses 147-148,

I rise before dawn and cry for help;

I have put my hope in your word.

My eyes stay open through the watches of the night,

that I may meditate on your promises.

As we enter this alternate type of worship for this season, may we too put our hope in God’s Word. We may be worshipping differently, but we will still be worshiping with all we have!

Pastor Henry

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