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Prayer Breakfast Update and Invitaiton

Hello Edgemont Family! Today, we wanted to give an update on our Friday Morning Prayer breakfast group. As many of you know, a group of Edgemont members (and sometimes members of our extended Edgemont Family) meet at 7:00 a.m. on Friday mornings to have a fellowship meal, address prayer cards, and pray for those on our list as well as other church, community, and world needs. This has been happening for over 20 years! We have a great time together as we eat, fellowship, and share in each other’s joys and concerns. When the pandemic hit, we decided not to meet in person, but in addition to our normal list, we would send prayer cards out to every member, regular attender, staff member, and Early Arts Teacher associated with Edgemont. We are now meeting in person and sending over 200 cards every week! We are grateful to be able to do this work. Our group which at times has been as many as 10 regulars has been averaging about five people recently as we have lost two faithful members of our group over the past few months and others have been unable to attend because of health and family issues. We are inviting you to join us at our Friday group and help us continue on the great legacy this ministry has at Edgemont. We hope to see you there Friday morning at 7 a.m.! Edgemont Prayer Team

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