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  • Henry Prater

1 John Bible Study

Good afternoon Edgemont! Of the many things that I love about the season of Lent, my favorite is that this time encourages us to slow down and self-examine. The world we live in today so often is moving so fast it can leave our head spinning. Then, on top of the speed, things begin to get complicated. Lent is a yearly liturgical reminder to put on the brakes, take stock of things around us, and ask the Holy Spirit to help guide us as we move forward. One of the ways that I try to slow down and take stock is to get back to the basics. With that in mind, I want to share an opportunity with you. Starting this Wednesday, we are going to begin a bible study looking at the book of 1 John. 1 John is one of my favorite books of the Bible for a variety of reasons. I have always found it to be very practical and informative about the basics of our Christian faith. The chapters are fairly short and digestible. I know many of us, as when we were beginning to grow in our faith, will often tackle the book of Romans. Romans is great, but it can be a complex place to start. 1 John, on the other hand, has always felt like Christianity 101 to me. Whenever I feel the need to get back to simplicity, I will find myself here. After going over the feedback provided in our January reopening survey, I am going to release this study online. For the next five Wednesdays, I will release a new video at 6:00pm through Edgemont’s Youtube channel. I hope you will join us for this time of discipleship as we get back to the basics and study 1 John.

-Pastor Henry

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