Let Us Remember

Hello Edgemont, One of the harder parts of this time of pandemic is the separation that is required to limit the spread of Covid-19. This has bled into so many different aspects of our lives. The standard things we would do to mark significant events are not happening the way they would usually; maybe none harder than the passing of a loved one. We have lost several of our family at Edgemont since social distancing began. Losing one we love is difficult in normal times, but in times like these we often haven’t been given outlets to mourn as we would normally. Today, I wanted to give space to remember those who have passed away while we have been apart. Wanda Lee Corley—At my very first praye

Edgemont Speaks: Betsy Rainer

Good afternoon, my Edgemont friends! One of the unexpected things I’ve found I like about online worship is this newfound practice to stop and reflect during and after the service. Yes, you can actually stop the video, think about what was just said or sung and have a Holy Spirit moment. The old normal constantly says to move to the next thing. This new normal says, as does the message Pastor Henry brought us this week, live in this present a moment. So, I’m going to live in a moment of reflection of Henry’s sermon yesterday. When I was growing up, we frequently made the trip from Dallas through eastern Oklahoma, the stomping grounds of my grandmother’s youth, to the beautiful Northwest

Doing and Sharing Good

Good afternoon Edgemont Family! I wanted to share a story that happened to me earlier this week. As I was walking on campus on Monday morning, a woman drove up and asked, “Are you Kellie’s husband, the pastor?” Turns out she went to college with Kellie. Her family has been involved with the Riverbend Summer Therapeutic program through her niece, since she was 2 years old. This program has been so helpful to them as the girl has grown up and is now in school. This woman shared that the program has helped her niece to be school ready and they are so grateful for it. She then went on to say, “Thank you so much to your church for being willing to host this program. We need this program and are


Happy Thursday Edgemont! Today is a day the Lord has made, we can rejoice and be glad in it. I don’t say that lightly, church. This season we are in gives us a lot of reasons to not be joyful. Whether it is the continuing pandemic, the racial tensions in our country, the partisan divide, or one of the splinters of these issues, it is easy to get overwhelmed. How are we to be the church in a time such as this? I am not going to pretend that I have all the answers to all of the questions we are having to consider now. I do know that Jesus is risen and that God is for us. I know that God is still active and present among us by the power of the Holy Spirit, who is continuing to build us in

A Pandemic, Anxiety, and God’s Faithfulness

Oh church- How I miss your smiling faces each Sunday! Singing to an empty sanctuary is as equally necessary as it is heartbreaking. The Howards definitely count it a blessing to continue to serve in worship each week, regardless of the approach. So when Pastor Henry asked if I wanted to write one of the weekly blasts, I was delighted to write to you about not only my experiences over the last few months- but hopefully some encouragement that we can do hard things. As an essential worker in our community, I feel like I entered the “hunkering down” world quickly- checking temperatures and screening people in mid March- with minimal knowledge of the impact our world would see from this pandem

Footprints on the Surfboard

Hello to our church family from the McNutts! We miss you. We pray for you. And we look forward to being with you when it is safe for all of us! Can you remember times in your life when you’ve looked at something with appreciation but suddenly are able to see it in a new and totally different way? That’s what happened to us recently and I’ll share it with you. Ronnie and I both think our sons are outstanding fathers. They are extremely hands on and have great relationships with their children. This story is about Darren, his daughter Hollis, and Dustin’s friend Dani. Background: Darren has a surfing boat and one of his favorite activities is surfing the big waves with Hollis plopped right on

Church Status Update

Good Afternoon Edgemont Family! I was hoping that in this email I could write that we would be beginning in person worship very soon. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As our leadership team has met, we have been watching the news and keeping up with the information given from the hospitals around the state, now is not the time to begin in-person, in-building services. Caution is still needed so that we do not overtax our healthcare providers. We are committing to not resume worship in our buildings until after at least August 2nd. We will again evaluate the situation in our state and community to see if it is appropriate to begin then. We will plan to celebrate Communion with another

Responding Like Jesus

Like many of you, I receive daily devotional material in my email. One of the ones I subscribe to is from the publishing house Plough. They send emails with a scripture reading and a prayer and another with a daily inspirational quote from diverse Christians throughout the centuries. This weekend, they offered a quote from Oscar Romero, a Catholic Priest and Archbishop who worked in El Salvador before his assassination in 1980. He worked to help those in poverty and spoke out against the injustices of his country. He also encouraged Christians to work towards holiness and their spiritual life. Below is the quote, which I found to be timely for the church today, I ask all of you, dear brother

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