Jeremiah 29: An Opportunity while apart.

Hello Edgemont Family! I hope this post finds you doing well today. I mentioned last week that our Bishop and cabinet have asked us to continue to suspend worship through May 18th. I also mentioned that our leadership team is beginning to think about what it will look like when we come back together. There are a lot of questions around when that will be, what that will look like, and how we will make that happen. Yet, even in the middle of those questions, there is a longing to be back together, almost a hurry to get back to the way things were. As I was thinking about that this morning, I was reminded of a Scripture passage from Jeremiah 29. I am not going to post the whole passage, but her

Good News

Happy Easter Edgemont! I pray that this email finds you doing well today. We continue in this strange time we find ourselves. We continue to learn to adapt to the concept of social distancing and staying away when we would much rather be out about with family and friends. Many of us had to celebrate Easter away from our church and family for the first time in our lives! It is a hard thing to get used to; especially with the uncertainty of how long this will last. Even as this uncertainty rises, we are still Easter people! We are the people who have inherited the Good News of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus! Even in spite of the difficult circumstances of this world, we can have hope in the


A few weeks ago I nervously asked to speak about anxiety. Since these days are so uncertain, I am grateful that Pastor Henry has decided to an additional series about anxiety and here is wha t I shared that morning, the first day services were canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic . I have been what one might call a “worry wart” most of my life. Overthinking. Second guessing all of my actions. Wondering how my actions impact others. Fear of germs. And making sure things are done juuuuust right. I had my first experience of overwhelming anxiety, some might say an anxiety attack, at age 21. I have had several similar experiences since, but the details of those do not stick out in my mind. That

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